Customer feedback

"Dear Sir : I used to go on your website regularly. Yesterday, I had the delight to discover your book.
In the little world of esotericism, you reveal much originality, put forward new ideas.[...] Your comparisons are clever[...].
I would like to thank you since reading reading your work has bathed my Thursday afternoon with joy.
I am happy to notice that you stand apart from Aleister Crowley[...]"

Christian Paul
"Clear, pleasant, and a true supply in the French-speaking world.[...]
The only work about enochian magic in French language reachable by beginners up to date.[...]
His techniques are original indeed[...] and neither revive those of the Golden Dawn nor they perfectly fit those of Dee.[...]
And (at last !), a clear user manual is provided in French for the Corpus Omnium (Nalvage's tablet).[...]
This book is a good thing and contributes to raise up the level of the French-speaking world in magic."

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